Cloud Service Provider

I vaguely remembered one of Zaid’s lectures that recommended a couple of cloud service providers. I re-looked at the following course a few rounds but can’t seem to find it:

  • Learn Website Hacking / Penetration Hacking from scratch
  • Learn Network Hacking from scratch

I have also searched the forum contents to avoid double-posting.
Would appreciate if someone is able to point me to the video.

Hi Carl,

I don’t remember that Zaid has a video about cloud service providers. Please check out the following list for different providers:

I’m actually helping a friend to source for a suitable provider.

Zaid’s video described a very intuitive interface deploying an instance, it might be a part of another video (I just completed both of his courses mentioned in my earlier post - it has to be one of the tens of videos). My bad for not making a note since it is something useful.

Nevertheless, appreciated the list, AJS. Personally, I have some limited experience with AWS and AliCloud as a PCI QSA, I’ll have a look at the rest.