Hello, I being trying to get pass this stage on the course "Learn Python & Ethical Hacking from Scratch " by Zaid and i continue to get error message on after doing exactly what was told in the video. where have i gone wrong and best way to resolve this please? This from section 9, on Code Injector.
below is the error code talking about TCP wow!

Your images are blurry. Please upload full-resolution images. You can use the “Upload” button at the top of the editor

below image is the error code on TCP index :cry:

Were you able to successfully run and complete the previous section “Writing a File Interceptor”? If yes, then the code hasn’t changed much, and your error is on line 16, which checks if your packet having TCP data has a destination port of 80. From the error, it seems the program doesn’t have TCP packet data. You can check this by printing the scapy packet and seeing if it has TCP data or not.