Complete Python 3 Ethical Hacking Course: Zero To Mastery

i am up to the section 3 first video and i am trying to transfer the port scanner to the vulnscanner and a message keeps showing up that permission is denied

Hi Yonah
the first part is that the file or directory is not there.
the second error is that you need to SUDO to cp


how do i fix the directory/ file?

From the error, I think you don’t have a directory named “vulnibility scanner”. Check if you have that directory or not then transfer the file with correct directory name.

thank you very much i got it to work but now when i go to modify the file it is not allowing me to do do because it is in a read only mode
so iam asking how to change the mode to write

I am not sure about the read mode of pycharm, never used pycharm. You can use any normal text editor and check if it is allowing you to write. If not then either you can change the permission of the file (Google - changing permission of file in Linux) or you can create a new file and copy this code to that.