CompTIA A+ Supplemental Material


I am relatively new here at StationX, and I’m currently on my way to take the CompTIA A+ exam to qualify for my first Certification.

I’m currently studying the course here at StationX by Mike Meyers (220-1001, and 220-1002) - I also bought his book. I was wondering if anyone here can offer me any advice with regards to supplemental material that might be helpful to me that I should use, like practice tests, simulations, etc.?

For people who took and passed the CompTIA exams (or even any type of cert. really), what study materials did you use? And what did you find was most helpful to you?

I am somewhat new to all this (still haven’t thought about what certification I should do after I take this one), so every help would be appreciated.


Jason Dion and professor Messer are awesome recourses for A+

For practice tests use Jason Dion

press the playlist button!

Thank you very much for all the resources! Will make great use of these once I finish up with Mike Meyers’ Courses first.