CompTIA course, chapter 5 problem wit UEFI SYSTEM

Does anyone knows what’s the problem in here , I’ve attached the pic of the problem , I hope is showing, am still beginner and after listening to compTIA course chapter 5firmware with Mike, I went to BIOS system, and run some tests now I have this window comes whenever I switch my laptop, I tried enter but nothing change also mouse doesn’t work.

To resolve the CMOS Reset Error (502), restore the BIOS.

  1. Press Enter to restart the PC.

  2. If the error displays after restarting, try to restore the BIOS using a USB drive. For more information, see the “Recover the BIOS using a USB recovery drive” section of the following:

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Thank you Edwin, that really worked , I thought I lost my laptop :woman_technologist:

Am just wandering what I’ve done wrong to avoid it in the future , I will appreciate if you know anything

Thanks again

This is more a HP issue then a bios issue. If you get this again in the future and you still have warranty, just call HP. If you don’t have warranty then search on the internet. Believe me if you got this problem with a HP Laptop there are always loads of people with the same problem.

But when you are A+ you don’t need to call HP. You just fix it yourself!!

Good luck with the study!

and btw Mike Meyers is Awesome

It might be a HP issue but I think I might have trigger it somehow :thinking:
Mike Meyers sure he is a brilliant teacher and for a beginner am learning a lot from him.
Thanks a lot Edwin.