Hi all,
I’ve just signed up for the CompTIA CySA+ course thats been provided by Station X, it looks a very comprehensive course and I can’t wait to get my teeth into it.

During the second lesson where it explains the exam process and requirements a slide is shown showing the structure of the CompTIA Cybersecurity career path and this course comes in as the fifth course out of six.

My question is do I need to do the other courses from CompTIA IT Fundamentals up to this course or is it still ok to do this course and continue with the exam?

Great question! For CompTIA certifications, there is never a requirement to have an earlier certification first. If you go through this course and the practice exams, you are going to learn everything you need to know to pass the exam without any trouble.

The roadmap just shows where this certification sits in the “hierarchy” and difficulty level.

Most people who are new to IT and Cybersecurity start with the three basics of CompTIA (foundations we call them): A+ (hardware/software), Network+ (networking), and Security+ (security fundamentals). You do NOT need to have earned these three certifications before attempting the CySA+. In fact, for most of my students who are BRAND NEW to IT and cybersecurity, we recommend they read a book or watch a video course for A+/Net+, but don’t take the exams. Instead, they usually start with Security+ as the first level. Then, they move into CySA+, and eventually to CASP by CompTIA or the CISSP by ISC2.

Enjoy the course!
Jason Dion

Thanks Jason for your reply :slightly_smiling_face: