CompTIA Pentest+ vs. OSCP certification

Hi fellow hackers, I would like to seek some advice on what certifications should I get for beginners like me? I am planning to become a penetration tester . I have learned a lot of things through the courses in StationX and I have my own pentesting lab at home. I wanted to get certified so that companies feel confident about my credibility and skills since I will be dealing with sensitive data. So, which certification is recommended based on your experience? Thank you.

OSCP is the most respected but hardest.

Pentest+ is new (and easier) but Im sure it will start to be asked for in job ads. Look on the job boards and see what people are asking for. There is a Pentest+ course in VIP.


Thanks Nathan, I will check it out. In my country, most cybersecurity positions require CEH or GPEN (GIAC Certified Penetration Tester) certifications and 5+ years of experience. :unamused: Not sure how beginners like me get into the cyber security field without the experience?

Have you read my career guide?

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Yes I did. For now I will focus on demonstrating my skills and abilities as a pentester. I am currently doing a security assessment on my company’s Wordpress site and I found some vulnerabilities using WPScan . I will be sending the report to the person in charge of the website in a few days time.

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Cool. Thats experience!

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