Confusion between Current and Permanent Mac address

When I am typing macchanger --show wlan0
It’s showing two things current Mac address and permanent Mac address and both are different ,what is difference between both of them?
Here is the image

and Everytime current Mac address is changing as I type (ifconfig wlan0) and there ether is changing .
Ehther and current Mac address are same .

Hey Havoc007,
Your current MAC address is set by the MAC changer built into Kali.
Your Permanent MAC address is hard written onto your NIC and can’t be changed.
Hope this clears things up for you.

But for ZAID Sir both were same all the time

Macchanger on initial setup can disable or enable Mac change on new connection.
If you want a quick fix try uninstall and reinstall macchanger.
Or you will need to mess around with the conf file.
Hope this helps