Copy / paste not working from VM to host machine


In the ethical hacking course, I’ve recently finished writing a bunch of code on the VM. I now want to copy/paste it to my main machine.

Now I downloaded the Kali version the instructor said to get (his edited version, not the one directly from Kali). So in VirtualBox and his Kali version, I went to Settings >> General >> Advanced tab, and shared clipboard and drag 'n drop and both bidirectional, but neither work. Anything copied from Kali stays in Kali. Anything from my main machine stays there too.

Any ideas how to fix this, or to be able to copy all my code from Kali to my main machine?? I was thinking a USB, but haven’t tried that yet.


Hi !
You have to install the Guest additions for these features to work ! Google will show you the way !