Cours Zenmap

I followed the course nmap from stationx. Now I found my ip on the internet and was trying to scan with Zenmap. But I retrieve no ports open after differents scans. Maby it is because I installed from Cybersecurity volume1 the pythontool DisableWintracking. Is there a way in Zenmap to retrieve tcp ports that are open etc.

I don’t think using DisableWin tracking program can stop zennmap scan. You might just not be using correct flags for scanning or maybe your router is just dropping the scans if you are doing zennmap scan on company network. If you are on your home network then try nmap with different flags. If there are no ports open on your system then obviously it will not return anything.

Apurv: Thanks for the reply. But I only received information when I use nmap -p portumber,portnumber,etc and it shows up as filterd. An other question I have is I use virtualbox with running Windows 7 and when I scan that the ports shows also up as filterd. Is this normal with virtual box.

Do you have any specific service running on your system for which you are expecting the ports to be “Open”? If not then yes filtered port is normal behavior. Also, unless you specify port range in the nmap flag, nmap will not search all the ports.