Course 2- Vid37 "Wi-Fi Security Testing" Alfa Network AWUS036ACH

As you have recommended several different types of Wireless Card for kali, I am thinking of investing on the Alfa Network AWUS036ACH however it wasnt in your video due to the age of it im sure. (Link below also)

The question is, If i do invest into this, does this still work with the rest of the classes? (Note that i havnt surpassed this video lessons and I am unsure of whats next as I am still self studying and practicing previous lessons)

I dont want to invest into something which isnt covered in these lessons.

Thank you

Product Link:

If it works with Kali then it’s good to go.

You are in luck. This model supports monitor mode and packet injection.(

Perfect so you both are recommending this product for the course and self-studying purposes?

From what I read in the comments in the article link I shared earlier, it seems that some users are having some difficulties in getting the device detected on Kali Linux.There is a way on getting it to work, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

For those having issues with their AWUS036ACH ,Kimcoder took aircrack’s github repo and fine tuned them so I highly suggest to try his drivers and installing w/ following commands

git clone
cd rtl8812au
make && make install

ip link set wlan0 down
iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
ip link set wlan0 up

airodump-ng -i wlan0

So I suggest you to get the ALFA AWUS036NH instead if you want to save the hassle of downloading and installing the drivers.I am using it for my ethical hacking tutorials by Zaid and it works fine without problems.

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Thank you for the resource - I have bought it and just risked it :smiley: Worst comes to worst I have 30 days to return the product through Amazon.

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Yeah, I wish I could purchase the same model as you since it supports both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ network frequencies. Mine only supports 2.4GHZ. Good luck and happy sniffing!:grinning: