Course Title

hello all
is this course by @mohamedatef98 free ?

and if not i cannot access this course please help me…

can anyone help me on this ??


I am sorry @vickydas but the course has never been free as far as I know


Have you paid for any courses, bundles, or VIP membership? If you are a VIP member, you should have access to the course.

I, too, am not aware of that course being available for free anywhere. Maybe Nathan is running a special discount right now, I’m not sure.

Please let me know how can i help you.

No problem Thank you for answering my query @Tiron

Hello @gdub
No i havent paid for any course!! still thank you for your time

Hello @mohamedatef98
The above course i created by you i need your help regarding this course…
I dont know why i cant send a private message to you…Looks like new members cannot send message directly to a user

If you dont mind can you send me a direct message

@mohamedatef98 ??