Create a site in Nexpose

Hello, I just installed Nexpose on my kali machine and started the security console. But I cannot create a site. I don’t have any interface like in lecture 63 from Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch by Zaid Al Quraishi. I’ve attached a screenshot of the security console (web browser) and my kali terminal. What can I do? Please help meScreenshot (89) Screenshot (90)

Quote from Kunal:

Wait for about 30 min and then refresh, nexpose is a huge framework and it takes a lot of time to load, if it still does not work try this:

  1. Boot up Kali, login and give it sometime for the nexpose service to start.
  2. Stop the service that started with startup
    service nexposeconsole stop
  3. Remove nexpose from startup applications.
    systemctl disable nexposeconsole.service
  4. Restart, login again, now nexpose should NOT start automatically.
  5. Start nexpose manually
    service nexposeconsole start
  6. Go to http://localhost:3780, and wait for it to show you the login screen, it might get stuck at 32% for a while but give it sometime and it should work.

Also please make sure you give Kali at least 6GB ram (memory) if you want to use Nexpose, if you can’t then its fine, we only use nexpose in 2 lectures in the course because its designed to scan a large number if IPs, so if you needed to use it in real life then you’d probably be working for a big company that can get you a powerful computer to run nexpose.

It didn’t work because I only have 4 GB ram but thank you for the support.

Just use Nessus and Metasploit. You can use Nessus with less ram.

I installed nessus and it works. Thank you