Creating a Fake Access Point (Honeypot) with WiFi Hotspot tool

I have followed Zaid’s instructions (wireless adapter (infomir) as fake access point, use of Wifi Hotspot tool, use eth0 as interface, wireless adapter in managed mode and wifi not working) but two phones (android & iphone) with which make the test can’t connect to the fake network that i have created with wifihotspot tool.
Have anyone any idea what’s going wrong with this tool (Wifi Hotspot via Zaid custom Kali))?

Does mana-toolkit is an alternative to the above tool (Wifi Hotspot via Zaid custom Kali)?

Tahnk you

You can use Mana-toolkit to create fake AP but that is depracated. Alternative to that are Bettercap and derate-ap. Look at Mana-toolkit’s github repo and you will understand where to start from. GitHub - sensepost/mana: *DEPRECATED* mana toolkit for wifi rogue AP attacks and MitM