Critical Error while starting Kali in VirtualBox


I have installed virtual box on my windows 10 base OS and downloaded kali. However, when I ran kali by pressing ‘start’ in virtual box, it never gets to the login screen because a critical error popup appears.

Could you please let me know the issue or let me know if I should upload the log files.

is virtualization enabled in your bios?

Hi @Rida, Can you upload the log file. Also, as Edwin suggested, can you check if virtualization is enabled in your bios or not? You can follow these simple steps from this website to enable it.

I have checked and virtualization is enabled. Here is a Dropbox link to the log file.

From the logs it seems your VM is starting but giving error somewhere in between. Can you try to download Kali ova image from the official website and try to open it using Virtual Box?