Current state of security

Hi Nathan,

Do you think that there is any government or security agency what is not being hacked several times including NSA,FBI,CIA,Russian secret service etc?

As I dig into this subject I see that on the amateur level someone has several thousand chances to get into someones computer.

Could be a redesign of the whole networking and computer infrastructure help something like redesigning all 7 layers of the OSI model in terms of security? Could it be done?

Your suggestion of redesigning the networking layers has happened for the Internet in the redesign of IP from IPv4 to IPv6. The problem is adoption. IPv6 is better and has more security features but transition is hard due to lack of backward interoperability.

Plus there is the issue of complexity. When we redesign something more secure, this is great but if something is sufficiently complex errors/security vulnerabilities will always creep in too. This will continue until humans are not part of the equation and are replaced by AI.

You can’t have 100% security so its always a question of means, motive, opportunity and the passage of time for when an entity will be compromised. Defense in depth, isolation and compartmentalization help mitigate the impact.