Customize Kali

Anyone know the link of Customize Kali 2022 for virtual box, only it’s available for VMware and 2020 fir virtualbox, why they only using VMware istead of virtualbox

The VM should also work with virtualbox. Also, vmware is preferred as there are fewer errors/difficulties in setting up the VM overall with vmware when compared to virtualbox.

i tried when we use VMware kali to virtual box it doesn’t work properly… therefore i ask but as you said vmware used as priority because of less errors

Can you please share the link of Custom Kali 64bit (any year) for Virtual box, i deleted that file by mistake, on zsecurity there is no custom kali for virtual box 64bit processor.

Did you try the iso file that is listed on the security website labeled “Kali 2020 iso”?

No because i think that one is 32bit