CVE Website not showing vulnerabilities for 2020-2021

CVE website doesnt display vulnerabilities from 2020 onwards. Surely that is incorrect. I went to browse vulnerabilities by date and from 202 onwards only got “Could not find any vulnerabilities matching the requested criteria”.

So how come the site has not been updated?

And why are the ? and ! sideways ???

and indeed when I search for 2020 I also find nothing

You can also try this site.

For clarity I was refering to as linked from the course. No data for 2020 onwards there. So if that site is no longer being updated it probably shouldnt be linked to in the course. Just my thoughts on that.

Strange that the first site you linked has nothing for 2020.

Youre last link is more fruitful. Question then is are these vulnerabilities still active or have they been patched?

Also does anyone have any idea why on my screen ? and ! appear rotated side ways 90 degrees? Only see it on this site and nowhere else!

I think cvedetails is owned by a third party that has stopped updating the website. This was one of the best sites to search for CVEs and I think it still has a lot of info before 2019. So, it shouldn’t be removed. Yes, we should add more links for searching for CVEs