I was trying to work with VMware and Virtualbox same time in my laptop but it shows some error during I was doing practice. so how can I work with bothVMware and Virtualbox in same time in the Laptop?
Reply asap.


Can anyone tell me ?

It’s because you don’t have enough RAM on your system. You can either lower the RAM of the VMs or increase your physical RAM. PLease keep in mind that lowering RAM of the VMs below a certain point will cause your system to lag.

Thanks for the clarification. So can I divide the Ram with VMware and Virtualbox?
What is the minimum requirement to use both workstation in the same time?

Your laptop just has 4GB RAM which is too low for using both the VMs. Even if you have Linux on both VMs giving 1GB to both, your system will lag even if the VM starts

What is the minimum Ram I need to operate both workstation?
I am looking 12 GB Ram operating system to buy?

Yes anything above 8GB should do the work

Thanks for the clarification.

When I try to fill the password in Metasploitable but i could not fill the password. Can you tell my why it is happening?

I was trying to find IP address but it doesn’t work and ask for password which I could not fill because of keypad not typing the password.

The password is getting written. Linux terminals doesn’t show anything while writing passwords

I already fill password no of times but you can see the image is asks again and again the password.

Most probably you are typing the wrong password. The default password should be either root or kali unless you changed it then type whatever you changed it to.