CySa+ CS0-002 Course

Hi @NathanHouse
I was wondering when and if this course will be available on your site?

Hey Rachel,

This is Jason (the instructor on the CySA+ CS0-001 course). Since we last created the course, we had some changes with some of our larger course platforms that now require exclusivity for our future courses.

So, to answer your question directly, “No, version CS0-002 will not be on StationX.”

As much as we would love to keep putting our courses on StationX, due to the exclusivity terms of our contract with our other distribution partner, we aren’t able to after 1 SEP 2019.

We do have the CS0-002 course available, but only one two places:

(1) Udemy (Just search “Jason Dion CySA+” and it should be the first one you find.) - There are two courses there: video course and practice exam course.

(2) Our website ( - This version is being released in 2 weeks, because we are still building the hands-on labs that go with this course.

Jason Dion