Debian/Parrot OS Desktop freezing issue

Hi, I just installed Parrot OS/Debian 10 buster, running Mate desktop with Gnome2 environment

After opening up a few browser windows, im noticing the desktop is freezing. The mouse still operates but everything else gets unresponsive

Ive found temporary fixes, anyone know how to permanently fix this?

Appreciate anything

Was able to fix this issue by changing the appearance, and restarting the desktop management app.

Sorry to resurrect a zombie thread, but I quite like Parrot OS, and Mate, and would like to explain that the description here is a little redundant. Mate was developed explicitly to run on GNOME 2 code. It was invented in protest of the developments of GNOME 3. So, there is no version of Mate that is not a “GNOME 2 environment”. Also Parrot OS has a Home version without all the pentesting bells and whistles, but still more safety feature than your average distro.

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i need the same help too