Disa stigs & scap (help)

I watched Volume 4 of The Complete Cyber Security Course and watched all the videos and clicked all the links provided but could still not configure or even figure out for that matter how to implement a stig for Windows 7. Could someone please help me with this. I been trying this for 3 days now and have not made it any closer. The most i figured out was to load the stig in the stig viewer but either then that i can’t get the scap tools and implement. Does anyone know a way to harden the system as easily as possible? Or is there a iso image already configured?

Without any details on your issue start with https://youtu.be/dtHmpqevumQ

I already watched that video previously the problem is that you can’t get the scap tools without the PKI. The guy recording the video even mentions that he won’t provide them either. My question is how do i get those tools if they are only provided to Military? I just want to harden my computer to disa baseline but it seems next to impossible. Do you know any other way?