"Disable Windows 10 Tracking" for Windows 11

Is there a trustworthy tool available to disable tracking in Windows 11?

The tool by 10se1cgo highlighted in Volume 1 Section 6 looks excellent, just interested in a Win 11 equivalent to turn off unwanted tracking (or a guide to do manually).

Many thanks.

I am not aware of any tool specifically designed for WIn 11 for this

I don’t know of an app that can do it automated but if you have a bit of time you can still do things manually, there is a nice guide here GitHub - TheWorldOfPC/Windows11-Debloat-Privacy-Guide

There is also ThisisWin11 GitHub - builtbybel/ThisIsWin11: The real PowerToys for Windows 11 for some behind the screen customization that you may take a look at.