Discovering Devices connected to the same network problems

Because of school I haven’t been able to do this course lately, and now that I’m back I am having problems with section 10. Network Hacking - Post-Connection Attacks - Information Gathering, of Learning ethical hacking from scratch course. I’m on Discovering Devices connected to the same network part, and when I run netdiscover to see all the devices connected to my wifi network, nothing shows up. I have already connect my wifi apadter to my wifi network, and even before that it still didin’t work. When something does show up, it’s IP address something completely diiferent from the IP address I’m scanning for. I was wondering what I should do.

What do you mean by it didn’t work? Did you get any errors? And did you put your network IP or some other IP? It will only work with your IP range. Attach screenshots

I didn’t get any erros, nothing shows up, I put in my network IP

It takes some time just wait for 3 to 4 minutes, i also thought that i have the same issue but after 3 to 4 minutes its shows

After I waited 3-4 minutes all I got was this

It’s not even my network IP

i am not sure but it doesn’t show your kali maschine ip that is connected, its also not showing in video after connecting adapter also… but surely it will show your targeted maschine ip, if you write right ip in netdiscover

The IP may be the one given to you by your ISP. Do check what IP route you Kali is on by running route -n and see if you get 192.xx IP or not.

This what it diplayed after running the command

I found a solution. Read this - netdiscover not working under Kali 2019.4 [Archive] - Kali Linux Forums. It’s to do with version of libpcap. Try it once

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About downloading this version of libpcap do i download onto my computer then move the file over to the VM, do i download it from inside the VM, or is there another way I am suppose to do it. There are also a lot of websites I can download it from does it matter which one I choose. When I enter in this cammand dpkg -i libpcap0.8_1.8.1-6_amd64.deb it gives me this,

I haven’t downloaded the files yet so thats probably why, but still.

Just download directly in VM. Doesn’t matter which website you download it from - if the version is the same then they will be the same. Obviously, if you haven’t downloaded the file, how will it install? That’s why you are getting the error.

I was able to download the file into Virtual Box and I ran the cammand you gave me, and now netdiscover works. I can see all the devices connected to my wifi network. Thanks for all the help.

Really it helped me also.