DNS spoofing

As in the course of ethical hacking with python i am facing issues with my terminal command when i give command :- sudo ping -c 1 www.bing.com
It return an error :- ping: www.bing.com: Temporary failure in name resolution

Have you tried replacing bing with google or something else? You could also try bing again later.

Are you using Host-Only networking? VirtualBox?

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Virtual box with nat networks as told in videos
And yes i have tried google also its the same error

This may be helpful:

The page mentions firewalls, servers, Ubuntu, etc. that may not apply to your specific situation, but it should help give some ideas as to why you are having this issue. Maybe you are having an issue with the /etc/resolve.conf file in some way.

If that doesn’t help, I’m not sure how to help further, sorry.

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Thanks for your help. I have gone through that 2 lectures again and managed to get out of that problem. There was having issues with the code

One other thing. I often mention to others that they may want to try Zaid’s customized Kali for this very reason - all the bugs, errors, privileges and driver problems. Maybe try that in another VM, don’t update the system, only use for cybersecurity purposes, no personal use.


Edit: I see now you have it fixed.

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thanks for the help

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That error is coming up again
See it youself
It is saying- byte like object is required not str.
in that if condition to check for website name

Notice it says (most recent call last). Can you show the bottom of the error message? I wonder if the error is on line 20. Maybe temporarily remove the casting to string of the scapy_packet and see if that helps.
packet.set_payload(scapy_packet) instead of packet.set_payload(str(scapy_packet))

It didn’t work with removing the str function it is giving this error

If you are using the customized Kali linked to earlier, I’m not sure what else to suggest, sorry.

No actually i am not using the customized kali I am using the same
But Thanks for the help
Do you know how i could install the scapy and netfilterqueue supported with python version 2
And i am installing the customised kali now to check if the same error is occuring

Zaid made an announcement on Udemy a couple days ago:

“Learn Python and Ethical Hacking From Scratch - I’ve been working on a major update for this course to show how easy it is to run all of the programs shown in this course in Python 3, I will publish this within the next 2 weeks.”

In the meantime, you may be able to get more support with this particular issue on his website forums:

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Okay thanks alot.and please notify about the update