Do We Need a Cyber Red Cross?

I came across this as I deal with both Red Cross IT and Cybersecurity so it caught me attention and I found it quite interesting for a panel discussion. It is from 2015 and discusses the need for an organization or way for International security organizations to work together and communicate internationally with the International Red Cross as a model.

“Cyber incidents will happen. They are likely to occur in spite of the important international efforts to strengthen norms governing and limiting the malicious use of cyberspace. We need a Cyber Red Cross, cyber humanitarians working across borders to respond to such incidents and to provide assistance where needed at times of war and peace. Can Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) play this role? What other institutions and networks exist? What would the ICRC’s humanitarian principles of neutrality, independence, and impartiality look like for cyberspace?” - New America


Its an interesting idea. Co-operation will be required for at least threat intelligence going forward. But I have little faith that we will see something like this that is widely used in the best 5 years. Most people and organisations are far from capable of being able to respond even if they had the information.