Do we need to Use USB Wireless Adapter to complete the Labs

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Course - Learn Ethical Hacking from the Scratch.

Do we need to Use USB Wireless Adapter to complete the Labs, Do I need to purchase wireless adapter to complete the Labs. Or is there any option in virtual box.

Hi Sireesh,

As mentioned in the course requirements you need an external wireless adapter for the cracking lectures 11 to 28, you can do everything else without one though, just make sure you set Kali to use a nat network as shown in lecture 5 and skip the part where Zaid add his external wireless card.

The built in card is not good for hacking, you need a powerful card that supports monitor mode and frame injection, I recommend Alfa AWUS036NHA or anything with an Atheros chipset.

Please checkout the adapters on the following link, they all support monitor mode and packet injection:

If you’re not sure which one to get the checkout the adapters video in the resources of lecture 11, here is a link to it:

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you need anything else.


Thanks for the email, before your email I have ordered (LEO-HG150N) LeXsys 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter 3dBi Powerdul Antenna. While connected (LEO-HG150N) to my laptop unable to load Kali in Virtual Box. If I remove (LEO-HG150N) then Kali is working fine in Virtual Box…

I have checked the options of Nat Network, Enabling USB Controller and selected the detected WLAN.

I have tried first logging to Kali and then connected WLAN, then Kali automatically logs off.

Please help me in this.

Thank You

Did you add the card to the USB list as shown in lecture 11? If you did, then make sure that you don’t physically connect the card to the computer until Kali is fully booted, connect the card, then go to the devices menu (beside the file menu) >> USB >> Click your device.

If you’ve already done the above, then please try the following suggestions:

  • Try this on a fresh install

  • Experiment with connecting the adapter after Kali loads, and after you log in as root.

  • Change the VM USB settings to use USB 3 and 2 in Vbox.

  • Try to connect the adapter directly to the PC port without using any USB external port or a hub, and try to plug the adapter into different USB ports on your PC.

  • Make sure that your adapter is not connected to the main host machine because it can only be used on 1 machine at a time.

  • Make sure also that you have the same version for the extension pack and Virtual box.

I Have tried all the above steps.

I am able to login Kali with any problem. As soon as I connect my USB Wireless Adapter to my Laptop usb port, Kali automatically closes. Tried with All the above steps.

When checked in google/YouTube this model is working for Kali.

Please remove Kali from VBox, then import it, set the correct settings as shown in lecture 5, and start the VM, then plug the adapter after you log in as root, and add the card as shown in lecture 11, and let me know you get on. Please note that this adapter doesn’t require any driver to be installed in Kali, so just “plug & play”.

Please don’t hesitate to contact if you need anything else.