Does Carded products give us more anonymity?

Hi, you talk about carding in the course my question is will I be caught if I purchase a carded product? Caught in the sense when I use the product for example if I purchase a carded laptop from a carder for instance then in that case I have not use my credit card to purchase the product will I be Anonymous in that case? I know that if the carder itself gets caught then it’s a different story but I’m talking only based on the product right now to increase my anonymity by avoid tracking via MAC or serial number? I know it’s illegal but doesn’t it give us a little more anonymity?

If you want to understand the complexity of anonymity then you need to do volume 3 of my course. Also I cannot comment on illegal purchases.

If its for a laptop, why not pay cash, use gift cards and for any product details at the store register it to a made up entity like a foundation you created etcetera?. If you bought a laptop that was acquired through fraud or theft, the legal liability for possessing stolen goods simply wouldn’t be worth the risk.

I’ve bought very cheap vpn deals on auction sites, to have found the password changed on me down the road, so often times these deals might sound cheap upfront but there is a nasty catch down the road. Honesty with with an emphasis on privacy is the much better option in my book.

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