Does not using admin privileges prevent keylogging?

[Complete Cyber Sec. course, Section 8, lesson “Windows 10 Not using admin”]

If I’m logged into my computer as a Standard user, and no-one has physical access to my machine, can key logging software or other malware still get downloaded and executed (e.g. via exploit kit in drive-by attack)?

My understanding is that most (if not all) software can only be installed onto a Standard User account after typing in Admin credentials for granting installation permission (which I would be extremely careful granting).

Are browser extensions and plugins safe from exploits in Standard user accounts?

The malware may install itself on a standard user through many sources like email attachments, browser plugins/extensions. The attackers will lure you into clicking on the legitimate-looking file and having you run it. This is how most of the malware infect the systems. The attackers social engineer their way in a system. Once they have access to your system, they will try to escalate the privilege to get admin access.

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