Dowloading Sandboxie

Hi Mr Robots :grin: wondering if anyone knows where we can download Sandboxie safely? The link from the sandboxie site redirects to GitHub (
Are there any other good sandboxing tools that you can recommend?

I have never used sandboxie. If I want to use something like that, I do it this way. Use a vpn provider (something like Nordvpn) and use QubesOS ( You can make it even more secure by also using the whonix gateway (

I can use vpn config files on my router. But you do need a special router for that. That way I don’t have to use an application on every device. And so my main OS thinks it is my regular internet connection. This way I have no conflicts with the vpn applications. I use virtual machines for all these operating systems. remember that with every intermediate step you make your internet slows down.