Download Courses Off-Line?

Is there a way to download some of the courses off-line?

I recently didn’t have internet for 5 days and would have been great to continue my learning path or view it on the go.

Not a deal break though.


I know you can with some courses, but im not sure if you can with all of them. With the ones you can go to the video, on the bottom left corner there will be a download button.

You should be able with all of them. Let me know if you can not.

Hi @NathanHouse,
I think I found a bug.
When I click the “Download” button, another window opens up of the video playing from the beginning.
At this point the video starts to play in both windows, but not actually downloading the video.
Currently, if I want to download a video I have to click “Download” → from the new window right click in the media player → click “Save Video As”, then I’ll be able to save the video.

ok we will look into it. Does it do it in all browsers? What browser are you using?


Found the issue using these 2 browsers:

  • Firefox 58.0.2 64-bit. (Win 10)
  • Safari 11.0.2 (13604. (Mac OSX)

It’s downloading the videos fine on:

  • Chrome (Win 10)
  • IE11 (Win 10)
  • Edge (Win 10)
    I don’t really like to use these browsers, but good to know I can download them from here now.
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