Downloading Metasploitable

Hi. I’m on Zaid’s “Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch” course and I’m on the video for downloading Metasploitable. I get the file but all I get in the folder is a file that looks like this. All that happens when I open this file is that the firefox browser just keeps opening the file in different tabs rapidly. I have no idea why the file does this but needless to say It’s gotten me no closer to using Metasploitable. Can someone help me?


Edit: I tried making a new virtualbox machine and using the properties of Metasploitable(Linux os and Ubuntu or Other Linux) and attached the Metasploitable file into the storage disc. That didn’t really work. I make the machine but when I boot it up, all I see is this. Can someone tell me why this happens to me and how to fix it?

I never tried virtualbox with this. I have used Metasploitable on VMWare Player and it works fine. You just put iso as Metasploitable in VMWare. But I think it does work with virtual box also. Do read online, you may get something

The machine works with vmware but I can’t ping it with kali. It says the machine is on Nat but I can’t set it to Natnetwork. Is it even possible to ping vmware machines with virtualbox machines?

Also in what chapters of zaids “Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch” course do I need metasploitable?

Yes you can ping a machine from Virtualbox to vmware. The main thing to note is that all the machines should be on the same route. For eg - if you want to ping your VMware machine from your main system which let’s say is on IP, then your VMWare machine should also be on IP range as 192.168.45.x where x can be anything. Here the route can be said as So if you want to ping your vmware machine from virtual box, they both should be on the same route.

Metasploitable is used in all of “Gaining Access - Server Side Attacks” lectures

I’ll check what the ip of the linux machine is

yeah their starting numbers are completely different. I’ll search google for a way to change ips.

I’m gonna guess you could do this with a Virtualbox to Vmware ping.

I got a working machine by using the metasploitable file as a hard disc. Thanks for all your help!

Glad that things worked out. Once you have the same IP range, you can check by pinging the machines