Downloading Reaver in the terminal

Is it possible to download reaver in the kali terminal? I’m a student of Zaid In the complete hacking coarse bundle. I tried the link supplied to download reaver in the WPAWPA2 cracking-exploiting WPS feature lecture. But the link says that there is no file available. If I can download reaver in the terminal I would prefer to do it that way. Also I have been taking detailed notes since I’m very new to this and I must say I know a lot I never knew and have a great understanding now. But I feel that taking notes is slowing me down with progressing at a timely matter. Any advice on how to make the info stick without taking notes? My biggest problem is remembering how to write the commands without looking through my notes. Please if anyone has advice I would love to know as I now enjoy this and will not give up on this. Even willing to do video chat 1on1 to help me on this process.
Thank you,

Hi Mrjdl,

Here’s the resources link for the reaver lecture

If it didn’t work, then please try to download it from the following one:

As for taking notes, it’s okay if you don’t remember everything from the 1st try, you have to keep practicing the attack, and it will comes with practice in time… And I advise to increase your knowledge in Linux and networking, it will ease up the experience while practicing the attacks as shown in the course. Now if you want a complete list of the command used in the course for future reference, you can check out the following book written by Zaid: