Downloading Vulscan (Nmap NSE)

I had no issues downloading vulscan into /usr/share/nmap/scripts/ and installing it, and where the other default nse scripts are. However, running nmap -sV --scripts vulscan ip returned output that included the following error msg; “vulscan: Error: Script execution failed (use -d to debug). I am using kali in virtualbox/ubuntu 22.04, and I can only get results from the vulcan dir and not when I am root only. My default nse scripts are not in, " could not find script in /var/lib/plocate.db”, which is the return I get after running the other scripts. It looks like my default scripts are in /scripts/ instead of /plocate per output. Your direction will always be appreciated.


Hi, did you try moving your vulnscan script to the default nse script directory? If not try that. The issue is nmap not detecting your vulscan nse script location.

Correct thank you, and the error points to the /plocate/ folder. I will move them to plocate then see what happens.

Thanks for the quick response StationX. Quick question on the same kecture. The kali running on Wmware player is the next after virtualbox and kali on first lecture. Instead of vmware/kali, can I use for instance just another pc on same nwk or a rasp pi 400 as target?

Yes you can use another pc or spare laptop for this work. Just keep note of the security aspects like don’t install anything malicious and such. As the second laptop or system is directly connected to your network, if you install and run something malicious, it can impact other systems on the same network.