Dual-Boot System and Isolation

Hi, Nathan,

dual-booting OSes can isolate. I am using a dual-boot system, with Ubuntu as my main system (will full-disk encryption), and Win10 that I rarely use (only for games, nothing personal there), and now I want to set up Qubes OS on the same disk (maybe with Whonix Gateway).

If I use Qubes for anonymous browsing, or highly private things, and security requiring tasks, would that be well enough separated, or would I risk compromising my identity, or data, by someone going through Qubes to my main disk (that has less secured Ubuntu and Win, or tie me to my Win License or Lenovo guarantee)?



Hi, If the partitions are separate and if you don’t have your main disk mounted on the Qubes OS then you are safe. But if an attacker gets access to your Qubes OS and run some commands to mount the other drives then they can access your files on that drive.