Empire Virus

About Empire, currently I am trying to make a virus for osX but the problem is for the listener to actually work we both need to be on the same network. Let’s say my target was on the other side of the world and tried to get them to download the virus, even if they did and they ran it, nothing would happen because we’re not on the same network. So, my question is, how do I make a virus/listener that would work even if we were not on the same network.

For this, you have to either have your listener on some server with static public IP or you have to port forward on your router for your current system.

Thanks for the answer. Just want to know how to do that. Do I search up how to port forward on kali linux or is there any tutorial I can follow?

Yes. You can google how to port forward on router for specific port. A good article for starting is How to Perform an Attack Over WAN (Internet) « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo