Enterprise router + integrated firewall

Hi Nathan,

I’m actually on the volume 2 of 4 on your series and I’m in the firewall section. Before I ask my question here is a little explaination of my situation :

I want to change my router at my job. We actually have a sonicwall but i’m not looking to change for an other because i don’t like the “licencing” part for some feature as we would have to purchase some extra with the change of the router.

my question is, is there any brand do you recommand as a router + integrated firewall for enterprise? i’m looking in ubiquity, phobos, watchguard.
do you have any opinion on some other brand?


If you want the major players at enterprise level then look no further than Gartner for a good list.


Palo Alto, Cisco, Junipter, Checkpoint are all good.

ubiquity, phobos, watchguard - Not touched these before.

Yes, I also faced that prblem like you will do one thing just browse some different tricks and by which you will know about it properly. Like you just see some tutorial and know the solutions. Also I have error code oxc4eb827f, I share this for your help.