!] ERROR #2-3: Can't find the WINE profile for Python v3.4 (/var/lib/veil/wine//drive_c/Python34/python.exe). Run: /opt/Veil/config/setup.sh --force --silent

Can anyone advise me on where to go from here - I’ve been at it for a while. Done everything I can think of - I am just a beginner and need help and I am just hitting a brick wall !] ERROR #2-3: Can’t find the WINE profile for Python v3.4 (/var/lib/veil/wine//drive_c/Python34/python.exe).

Please help - :slight_smile:

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Hi, try looking at the last issue of this post. https://github.com/Veil-Framework/Veil/issues/206

Were you able to solve the error? I am having same issue on Kali.

Hey! After running ./setup.sh --silent --force i get broken version then I typed : apt --fix-broken install
finally run ./setup.sh --silent --force my setup completed sucessfully