Error fetching interface

Im currently working on changing mac address. When i run code i get this error.
wlan0: error fetching interface information device not found.
When I’m looking at wlan0 through ifconfig it doesnt have the ether it says unspec 82-DC-20-37-41-30-00-00 txqueuelen 1000 (UNSPEC)

It used to say ether and has worked so far with the program. I have noticed that it likes to fail and I have to restart the machine to get programs to work. If i get errors or th project im working fails I restart the Kali Machine and it will work. Im currently on getting input from user but I keep getting the error fetching interface.

I have the Realtek RTL8812AU wifi adaptor. So I’m wandering did I mess something up along during the changing into monitor mode or something if there is info on error and how to corrrect it.

What command are you using and how? Share screenshot. Also, does this error fetching interface occurs from time to time or do you receive the error as soon as you change the MAC?

So im running mac changer program in python. When I run program I get the error fetching interface. Device not found. When I started I made sure the wlan0 was seen. Is it my python program that I wrote . Im going to start to look at python program. That probaly what it is. I had another snapshot but it said new users could only putup two pics… This also happens as soon as I run the program. What happens time to time is that I lose connection with wlan0 my wifi adaptor. I usally will have to shut down machine and reboot and that will fix the problem.wlan0 not fetched wlano is noticed

Ok so it is to do with losing connection with your wifi adaptor. Try using it in some other VM, maybe Ubuntu VM. Also, try using it on VMware if you are using virtual box or vice versa. This way we can be sure what the problem is, whether it is to be OS or virtual machine software or the adaptor itself.

So thanks for your help. I really do apperciate it. So I’m doing 2 classes at once , learn hacking from scratch and the python for beginners. So I’m using a the wifi adaptor I bought from z security the realtek RTL8812AU. I beleive it works because when I’m doing the class projects from hacking for beginners the adaptor and everything else works fine . When I’m using pycharm, the adaptor gives error about can not fetch interface. So I decided to start from the begining or rewrite the program and I started to get a different error now .SIOCSIFHWADDER NOT PERMITTED. I’m thinking it has something to do with pycharm and the wifi adaptor working together. Ive looked the errors and one said that code written was wrong and spaces needed to be taken out . Couldn’t figure out where so I tried using eth0 the virtual mac address and the code works. So ive narrowed to maybe there is a setting or a driver needs to be installed which i tried and seem to work for a sec then did the same thing. So thats where I’m at. When I run the python code for wlan0. It doesn’t work and when I run eth0 it does. I’m using orcale vm virtual box. I hope this helps in narrowing down this problem.


I don’t use pycharm so I cannot help you here. I normally run all my python scripts from the terminal and never had any issues with my wifi adaptor.

Thanks for the help. In the class python for beginners we run pycharm through the command prompt. I’ll keep plugging away at it. Even though they ask to run Oracal VM you were saying that a different VM will work with the class can you suggest a link to a different virtual machine to try that would work that class. Im really new to the virtual machines. I’m going to try to run the program without pycharm and see what happens.
Thanks for the help

Try using VMWare instead of oracle VM