Error in IT Fundamentals: FC0-U51 QUIZ + No practice tests access

Hi there, I am writing this to inform you of an error in the IT Fundamentals course. The quiz after the module Understanding Operating Systems has Taskbar as the correct answer, which is wrong.

Secondly, I am not able to access the practice test for neither IT Fundamentals: FC0-U51 nor for FC0-U61 which is quite frustrating. The page just reloads after you put in name an email address. I am nearly a week into my membership on this platform and have enjoyed the journey so far. Please fix this. :slight_smile:


Hi @Osmaniac88 , thanks for identifying this issue. This will be fixed soon.

@Osmaniac88 Apologies for the issues faced by you. I have fixed the answer to the question and checked the test links and found out it was working fine. I have still updated the link and rechecked. Hope it will work fine at your end. Let me know if you are still unable to access the test.