Error in username and password

i have bought your course of ethical hacking with python and i am on setting up the kali linux virtualbox and i am having issues with my username and password . The instructor says it “root” and password is “toor” and the system is telling it is a wrong password. So when i entered the username and password as “kali”. It worked but it is not installing the apps by apt-get method in terminal. it is denying the access to root folder in file system

See this for more info:

“The default user account is now a standard, unprivileged, user.”

Use “sudo” (without the quotes) before the apt-get and other commands requiring increased privileges. For example: sudo apt-get install [package name here]

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I’ve also experienced this and have been using the sudo. The course material is all pre the 2020.1 release where the sudo is not necessary. Is it recommend to switch the user to the root user or stick with the non root user and use the sudo with commands? Will this cause any issues working through the course material?

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Good questions. This should help:

If you are only using Kali for pentration testing and cybersecurity purposes, especially if you only run it in a relatively secure virtual machine environment, you may be better off running as root.

Some people choose to use Kali as their main operating system daily. It is recommended and more secure to use a standard, unprivileged, non-root account and to change the default passwords.


thanks for the help
I got this…
and In ARP spoofing section i am not able to see the username password information for https websites… The Raw layer is not in the plain text… so i serched for the non secure websites which uses http it worked for that … but how can we get Raw data layer in plain text in https websites??

No there are no issues with any functionality as fas i have seen everything is working but you just need to search a little the commands are little different…
But is it possible to switch the user to root user as u mentioned??

Look for the section later in the course called “Bypassing HTTPS”

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You should be able to log in at the login screen as “root”. I believe the password is “kali”.
Another option is when you are already logged in as the kali non-root user. In the terminal, you can try “sudo su” and then enter the password which, again, I believe is “kali”. Try it and see. I believe that gives you root privileges for the duration of the time you are in that terminal session.

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