Error with VMware

So I just downloaded a kali Linux customized by security (I named it SOOPER HAX incase you see that somewhere in the error code) but I got this error.

(I need to type this by hand because if I click on the VM my pointer disappears)

[end Kernel panic – not syncing: System is Deadlock on memory]–

Thank you :slight_smile:

Never heard of this error before. Maybe it has something to do with less memory given to the VM

Ya, VMware recommended 256mb. This question is really irrelevant but i cant seem to get my virtual machine to connect to connect to my virtual network I don’t know if its something I need to do with the settings or something.

thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t understand your question. What do you mean you can’t connect to your virtual network? Do you mean the Internet is not working on your VM?

yes. My Virtual machine will not connect to the network

Sometimes it doesn’t connect to your network if on Bridged. You can put it on NAT and it will work. If you are communicating your VM to other VMs then you need to put it on Bridged. If that is the case then you can create a new adaptor and put NAt on it.