Ethical hacker

in the course ethical hacher from scratch for zaid alqurashi

is it important to bring wifi adapter?

i am using virtual box in mac, is it ok ?
because when i am typing apt-get update
and apt-get install termiel there is something i think error but where i do not know.

Yes, this is necessary to buy a wifi adapter for capturing handshake, packet sniffing, monitor mode and thus to gain encrypted password and also more than that.

thx for your response
what is problem for my command of apt-get update and install terminator
is it my mac or version of virtualbox?

is it ok to use virtual box or need to install virtual machine?

Show us the screenshot, use sudo before cmd
and virtual box or vmware both are ok

use ‘sudo apt-get update’ not only sudo and also if you have trouble again then share the screenshot of what kind of error it’s showing

is it ok ?

Check if your Internet is working by going to any browser and visiting some site inside the VM. When you run the update, Kali is not able to reach the servers to download the update which means there is some issue with the Internet

now, internet is working

Nice. I see terminator is also downloaded.