Ethical hacking from scratch - MITMF

Hi, I have problem with mitmf command. I have slow machine so I began at the live network directly, because . I cant run virtual kali and windows at once. So here is how I proceeded:

  1. I had not mitmf in my kali so I installed it via. “apt-get install mitmf”
  2. I also disabled eth0 and had only wlan0 online.
  3. I ran command exactly as shown in the course “mitmf --arp --spoof --gateway --target -i wlan0”
  4. Mitmf started, it changed the gateway’s mac as supposed. But I never recieve any actual traffic in my kali and I can surf the web as nothing happened with all https on.

Sometimes it show me these errors:
[DNS] Could not proxy
ARPpoisoner exception occured while poisoning

I am testing it on Win 8.1 x64

Thanks for all your help.

EDIT: I realized those errors were shown until I disabled wired connection, if I am correct, now I have nothing in response, no packets, no errors and I browse web as nothing happened with full https.

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​Can I see the result of ​ifconfig ​in Kali, ​ipconfig ​in the target machine and the mitmf command you used please?

Can you also show me Kali’s network settings, so just right click the Kali machine from Virtual box >> Settings ?? Network, take a screenshot and post it here please.​​​