Evilgrade download

Hello everyone,

I am trying to download evilgrade from google disk in recources, but when I try to download it shows message:

“Sorry, this file is infected with a virus. Only the owner is allowed to download infected files.”

and doesnt allow me to download it. It is quite unfortunate since the direct download from github doesnt work. Any chance for upload to another hosting?

Thank you,


The same thing happens when I try to download zipped from github, must be a false alert because of the nature of the software. I have to exclude the file in the antivirus before downloading and then it works fine.

I can download it from github ziped or cloned with no issues but as Zaid mentioned in resource .txt it doesnt work for me, and when I try to download his link from google disk it get stopped directly by google so I am afraid I cant turn it off anywhere. Maybe if you or anybody else have working version could you upload it somewhere else, please?

Let’s try Dropbox, if my memory serves me right Dropbox doesn’t have built in virus check.


Hello Tiron, please can you update the dropbox link? I’m getting a 404 error.
Thank you!

Hi Tiron,

I am not able to download it either from the dropbox link. Could you please upload it to dropbox with a different name and share the link with us?

Thank you in advance for your help!