Fears/Downsides/Cons of working in Cyber Security?

Hi folks

Very excited to be joining the VIP membership school

I discontinued an online based CS degree course here in Aus, as i find the content and lecture style quite dry and the teaching subjects i enjoyed were difficult to follow and stay on top e.g python programming, and the 40k student debt wasn’t appealing compared to the fraction of a cost for the VIP school. Im a creative type who has always loved tech and computers but not quite sure if i want to devote my career into cyber sec and wanted to air my thoughts/fears on the topic

Id like to explore some fears /downsides/cons of working in cyber security and IT in general. Some may seem cliche but nonetheless it would be good to get feedback!

-My fear is that working in front of a computer screen all day is bad for one’s health. Especially for one’s spine, eyes and general circulation/health

-The field being overtly technical and monotonous, eg having to deal with CVE’s and emails all day as shown by a youtuber based out of brisbane in CS ~ A Day In The Life Of A Cyber Security Engineer

-Needing to deal with dry uni degrees and subjects to get one’s ‘foot in the door’. Im not sure if this industry is for me just yet, but i do enjoy learning through the VIP school so far, and certainly have a passion for it.

-The difficulty in info overload: Too much technical data to remember and learn

-Competition against very left brain smart people. As a right brain creative type can i compete with naturally tech-inclined left brain types who seem to excel in this field?

-Any others ive left out? What sort of personality types would this field be ideal for?


Hi there, greetings from the other side of the globe (non-native speaker). I share a lot of your questions and thoughts, left/right side of brain for starters. Have started several coding courses w/ different languages but that kind of problem solving doesn’t seem to be the obvious trait for me - been pretty successful in other fields and jobs before so yes, I think about being good enough for this, too.

But I’ve thought of the more creative / human aspect as being a bonus to the field of infosec. There are the more military-type strict follow-the-procedure requirements, but then there’s things like social engineering and red teaming where psychology plays a big part. So maybe also the health risks could be mitigated by doing more ‘field work’? Or consulting / educating others? Dunno, but that’s what I’ve been thinking.

About competition and getting good enough: I always rejoice in small steps when I feel I’ve got some minor thing. Like just today with SQL injections, or previously with just reading very basic Python code. So I guess it’s best to just believe in oneself and find your own way!

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Hi Sami

Yes some good points. My fear is being stuck on a screen for 8 hours per day, and even though the money might be good, i can see it could be a job that would lead to burn out.

After discussion ive seen there are more avenues than i realized-consulting, pentesting, ethical hacking, and part time work

There will definitely be a sea change amongst small to medium sized businesses too as the necessity of cyber sec in any size business will become very obvious


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