File dowload error [solved]

when i try to download files from the hacked android phone then i see a error i try my best but i fail some of screen shot i am attaching give me a right solution how can i download the files inside the sd card give my right syntax to download these file i file i also give path then i also unable to download

You’re trying to download a full directory, please try downloading a file instead and see.

when i try to open a folder with command cd /Pictures then same error is show on the screen

When you put a / before the direcotry name it means that you want to open a directory that is NOT in current working directory, so lets say you’re in /home/Muhammad and want to go to a directory called Pictures in /home/Muhammed, no if you do

cd /Pictures

You’re telling Linux to go to a location called /Pictures NOT to /home/Muhammad/Pictures, so remove the / at the start to tell it to go to a directory that is in the current working directory, so do

cd Pictures