Firefox extensions / overlapping

Following your course I have installed quickjava, umatrix and ublock.

I am trying to figure out how they actually work together at the same time: what if I block JS on one but not on the other?

Does blocking some type of content will overrule the other extension permission?

Yes it does. If you use quick java to switch off anything that’s it game over. It simply is deactivated and can not be used as an attack vector. The difference between umatrix and ublock origin are nuanced. The author writes about the differences here

Thank you !

Hi @NathanHouse
I noticed that quickjava is no longer an option to install in Firefox.
Do you have an alternate extension?
And also, do you have ab extension that can be used in a chrome browser if its still being used?


Unfortunately we have extension Armageddon. I’m just working out the best course of action at the moment. Firefox 57 quantum has changed the way it does extensions (to Webextentions) and some plugins are simply never going to be available for FF57+. Quickjava will not return because the new API won’t allow the functionality. Its sure most extensions will be converted over. See

One solution here is to use Firefox ESR for a while (until the extensions you want become available, or you find alternatives), it’s based on ver 52 but has all the security fixes of other versions and will do so for many months to come. Firefox ESR still handles most add-ons, especially NoScript, but ESR is a bit slow, doesn’t decently handle add-ons that HAVE already migrated to the quantum API and is a bit of a nasty experience. But firefox ESR does have all the security fixes and updates.

firefox ESR

Firefox Speed Vs Chrome

Lets see what happens when the dust settles and I’ll update the course.

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