FreeVPN offered by the company behind ProtonMail (information post)

Hi everyone,

this post may be usefull for those of you who are in the third volume of the course mostly but, can be interesting to anyone who want’s privacy on the internet.

i suggest you to take a look at this article :
where they give some good (and cool) information about the service.

i hope that’s will interest you!

This is awesome, I’ve used ProtonMail for a while now, and love how that service works. I can imagine that their VPN service is just as awesome.

Well, it seems the word has spread as they have no more open slots for the Free version.
I am not sure many outsiders would be willing to pay for a unknown service, they should have offered a time limited trial.

If you’re after free VPN you may want to try out Opera browser. Opera comes with ad blocker and free VPN out of the box. Though I’m aware Opera browser isn’t exactly considered to be the “hot browser” on the market.