Game Request

hello Nathan House

              Since we are all train to become a pentes. a cyber security maybe its also better that we have a game to enhance our skill. "capture the flag" I want to experience this.. Any one like it? I hope so thank you stationx family :wink:

I mean, i can’t exactly get what you are looking for, as i understood there is an issue with gaming and security, isn’t it? Then you should switch with some online gaming with no registration, like [IO games] - no personal data required - no threat at all.

I believe he’s referring to hacker games. Capture the flag usually involves entering the enemy’s HQ and either stealing a flag and returning it to your own base or capturing and securing the areas for X amount of time to be awarded points.

In the world of security you typically have a red and blue team with one defending a system or network and the red attacking it.

There’s a few websites - albeit many outdated – that have hacking challenges, eg - capture the flag events are ‘usually’ done via a LAN, I think it might be a logistical nightmare to organise it for such a site though.

Is this true tho?